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2009/10 Conference Agenda

Some useful information on acceptance rates and assorted statistics for Networking Conferences

Wavelet Tutorial Articles
Here are some useful tutorial articles on Wavelet technology: (I like this one!!!!)

And this is Professor Martin Vetterli's seminal 1991 paper on Wavelets (which is easy to read!!):

Multiview Video clips
Multiview table tennis services

These videos were taken by a strategist of the Chinese national team in 2003 as a way of demonstrating the proposed changes to the service rule by the international Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Five cameras were used to capture the videos: at the positions of left and right sides of the opponent, both umpires and at the back of the player. The quality of the video are quite poor as they were produced some years ago. The video were in the public domain when I downloaded them at the ITTF.

--Patrick Wong 10:55, 31 October 2008 (GMT)

Links for Cognitive Radio Related Resources
Cognitive Radio Blog is a very useful place to get updated information on current activities in this area. It is also a very nice place to follow industry trends.

Cognitive Radio Blog

Matlab Trial Programme
Matlab has a programme for its users to try the software and its toolboxes.

Matlab Trial

--Patrick Wong 10:44, 6 November 2008 (GMT)