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Group members

Professor Laurence Dooley (Chair)
Professor of Information and Communication Technology

Prof Adrian Hopgood
Visiting Professor

Dr. Adrian Poulton
Lecturer in Embedded Systems

Dr. Patrick Wong
Lecturer in Intelligent Computer Systems

Dr. Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui
Lecturer in Web technologies

Dr. David Chapman
Senior Lecturer

Research Students

Mr. Mobolaji Akinola (Graduated)

Mr. Faisal Tariq (Graduated)

Mr. Jonny Karlsson (Graduated)

Mr. John Martin

Mr. ATM Shafiul Alam (Graduated)

Mr. Parminder Singh Reel (Graduated)

Mr. Eugen Funk (Graduated)

Mr. Dimitris Karampoulas

Mrs. Smarti Reel

Mrs. Hnin Ohnmar Myint

Mr. Asif Mahmood