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Patrick Wong

Dr. Patrick Wong received his BEng (Hons.) degree in Digital Systems Engineering in 1993 and Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering in 1999 from University of Sunderland, UK. Currently, he is a Lecturer of Intelligent Computer Systems and a supervisor of the Next Generation Multimedia Research Group of Open University.
He joined the Open University in December 1999 as a research fellow and become a lecturer in 2002. Since 2013, he has been a committee member of the Open University's 
Animal Welfare Ethical Review Body, which monitors and approves researches using animals.
He is a member of the 
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and a chartered engineer. Between 2015 to 2018, he was an executive committee member of the IET's Vision and Imaging Professional network.
He is a member of the Editorial board of Emerald's 
Kybernetes (The international journal of cybernetics, systems and management sciences), associated editor of the British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Sciences. He also regularly reviews paper for a number of journals which includes IET Communications, IET Image ProcessingElsevier's Physics Letters APhysicaThe International Journal of Simulation, Systems, Science and Technologies.
His main sport is table tennis. In fact, he chairs the 
Open University Table Tennis Club and also plays league matches at Milton Keynes Table Tennis League.
He is also a trustee of the 
Milton Keynes Chinese School and Community Centre.

Research Interests
His research interests are in artificial intelligent applications, especially in computer vision applications, biometrics recognition, image processing and fault prediction and detection. He is supervising PhD students on projects related to Multiview Image Processing and Cognitive Radio Technologies. He is also developing an automatic table tennis umpiring system using image/video processing and artificial intelligent techniques. He was a runners up of the BCS Competition for the Machine Intelligence Prize, which was held at ES2002 in Cambridge on 11th December 2002.

Invited Key-note Speech
2016                “Automatic Table Tennis Umpiring using a Multi-Agent System”, International Conference on Innovation for Connected World and Smart Living, 27-29 October 2016, Hong Kong

External Examining
2019                Image super resolution and interpolation using multi array cameras, Ph.D., University of Bedfordshire
2017                Individual and group dynamic behaviour patterns in bound spaces, Ph.D., London Metropolitan University
2016                Improving image quality via sub-space image super-resolution for low-powered tracking and surveillance systems, MSc by Research, Cranfield University.

Internal Examining

2011                PhD mini viva, Security issues in fourth-generation (4G) networks
2005                Ph.D. viva, Computational Methods for the Operational Surveillance of Nuclear Power Plant


2017-Present      Ph.D., Investigation into the use of remote sensing to assess condition of rural road networks and assets in low income countries (Part-time)
2014- Present     Ph.D., Multiview Distributed Video Coding (Full time)
2012-2018          Ph.D., Automatic Table Tennis Umpiring (Full time)
                           Completed in 2018
2012-2016          Ph.D., A Novel Inpainting Framework for Virtual View Synthesis (Full time)
                           Completed in 2017
2009-2007          Ph.D., New Cross-Layer Processing and Routing Strategies for Cognitive Radio Networks (Part time)
                           Completed in  2017
2011-2016          Ph.D., A Hybrid Similarity Measure Framework for Multimodal Medical Image Registration (Full time)
                           Completed in 2016
2008-2015          Ph.D., Intelligent Side Information Generation in Distributed Video Coding (Part time)
                           Completed in 2015

He is the module chair of TM255 Communication and information technologies, an author of TM112  Introduction to Computing & IT 2 and a module team member of T215 Communication and Information Technologies. Previously, he chaired the presentation of TM128 Microsoft Server Technologies between 2013 and 2014, T396 Artificial Intelligence for Technology from 2003 to 2007. He was also an author of M366 Natural and Artificial intelligence, T215 Communication and Information Technologies, TM128 Microsoft Server Technologies and TM129 Technologies in practice.

Patrick Wong's Recent Publications
Patrick Wong's recent publications can be found at Open Research Online.

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