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  • Dr. Adrian Poulton

Dr. Adrian Poulton

Adrian's background is in electronic engineering, with a first degree from Bangor and a PhD from Imperial College. He has a strong interest in technologies for physical rehabilitation and prosthetics. He designed the electronics for the ToMPAW intelligent arm project, contributes to the Open Prosthetics project, and is involved in FES rowing. He joined the Open University in 2001, having previously worked as a part-time tutor. He is a member of the Next Generation Multimedia research group where he is supervising projects in cognitive radio, powerline communications and modulation recognition.

T325 Technologies for digital media
T324 Keeping ahead in ICT
T224 Computers and Processors
T305 Digital Communications

Academic interests
Cognitive radio
Powerline communications
Intelligent prosthetics and rehabilitation

Adrian's recent publications are shown below. Full list of publications can be found at: Open Research Online

ORO Publications

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