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Security Issues in Fourth-Generation (4G) Networks

Supervisors: Prof. Laurence S. Dooley, Dr. David Chapman, Dr. Goran Pulkiss (Arcada, Helsinki)

Student: Mr. Jonny Karlsson

4G is a generic term describing the next level of evolution in wireless communications. The core infrastructure of 4G networks is envisaged to be packet-based, all-IP, and heterogeneous where LTE (Long Term Evolutions), WiMax, and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) are examples of viable access technologies. This is all with the overarching aim of enabling Internet access anywhere, any time at a high bandwidth. This research is investigating current security methodologies and proposing new solutions to challenging security issues relating in particular to: i) routing in ad hoc networks, ii) platform security for end-user devices, iii) mobile multimedia, and iv) trust and mobility management.