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  • ATM Shafiul Alam

ATM Shafiul Alam

Mr. ATM Shafiul Alam was born in Bangladesh in 1984. He graduated in 2006 from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, with a first class honours (4 years) degree in Information and Communication Engineering and also received his MSc in 2009 from London South Bank University, UK in Telecommunications and Computer Networks Engineering with distinction. He is currently a PhD research student within the neXt Generation Multimedia Technologies (XGMT) group at the Open University, UK, under the supervision of Professor Laurence Dooley and Dr. Adrian Poulton.

Research interests: His research interests include cognitive radio physical layer techniques, game-theory approach for cognitive radios, spectrum sensing techniques, cognitive radio/Dynamic spectrum networks and its intelligent applications.

Project: Cognitive radio and its intelligent applications.

Mr. ATM Shafiul Alam's Recent Publications
Mr. ATM Shafiul Alam's recent publications can be found at Open Research Online.

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